Remember That Which is the Same

When you are born of death and cry from breath
When all is new and fear flows through
Remember that which is the same.

When screams of joy and sadness swirl
When cosmic silence brings you peace
Remember that which is the same.

When you are praying, eyes upturned
Calling to he who’s most divine
Remember that which is the same.

When love embraces your broken heart
But sorrow, loss, is all that’s left
Remember that which is the same.

When body grows and shows its strength
But time and sickness takes what once was yours
Remember that which is the same.

The one who knows the unknown
Who touches the mystery and the divine
The cosmic ocean from which you came
In silence, in joy, in pain, in love,
In the sun and in the sea,
In your fears and in your truth
The consciousness which always goes on…

Remember that which is the same.


In honor of a fallen hero. 

Author: MarcoBronx

My name is Marco and I grew up in The Bronx (and no, I never met Jenny). In 1998 I graduated from NYU with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. After a few years playing Goldilocks and moving from small firms to medium-sized firms to large conglomerates, I realized something very important – I enjoy being in business, just not corporate business. Since I was seventeen years old, I’ve been a marketing consultant, real estate investor, appraiser, asset manager, analyst, broker, dating coach, and author. I’ve also run several NY startups around NLP, hypnotherapy, and finding jobs and relationships (to name a few). Some at the same time… most of them related, but separate. This is a place where I write what seems “worthy“. Sometimes I write personal development advice, sometimes my writings are meditations to myself – and I take you along – and sometimes I’m just playing Satan’s advocate to see how far I can challenge my beliefs, your beliefs or both. But it doesn’t mean I’m convinced yet. What’s the truth? You decide.