The Quantum Butterfly

quantum-beachSometimes, when it’s dark enough, I like to gaze.
I like to look up towards the evening sky and to the stars.
To face the unchanging cosmos and the infinite
tapestry of stardust and life.
I try to glimpse the wings of the beating butterfly.

We are born of the ancient star
and to the cosmic ocean we shall all
flow back once more – drop by shimmering drop –
counting time, our quantum hourglass.
The world rolls on…

I’ve lived with dreams of a child and nursery rhymes,
a stainless heart.
Yet between the beats we quickly go
from Dr. Seuss’ cat to Schroedinger’s Cat and
childhood twilight fantasy to Heisenberg’s Dream;
Chaos versus Destiny.
What you want is very often not what you get.

But life does not obey the gods, nor I.
No, as they say, Life follows its own
random path
and the wing that beats today in China,
brings the Thunderstorms in New York tomorrow.
The world rolls on, they say.

I close my eyes and see the flow of time being sown in moments
like grains of sand on an infinite beach;
an old keepsake… a long gaze…
a warm smile… a favorite verse…
heaven in an hour… a long goodbye…
a parting sigh… forgiveness…
Life’s lessons, I know.

Today, tomorrow and forever, the circle of destiny is forged;
wishes go unfulfilled and faith is discovered,
hearts grow bitter and circling friendships are rekindled anew,
while somewhere, a wife has lost her husband and an old dream is
Yes, the world rolls on;
between the beating wings, the silent wind and the eternal sky;
The quantum butterfly is there, the quest is ours.

In my heart tonight,
there is an ancient longing,
a longing as old as mankind,
that harbors the scars of a traveler’s soul,
writing time on the wind and
memories on the waves of the ocean.

I close my eyes once more
and try to lie very still
on the moonlit beach.
I close my eyes and I listen for the wings of the beating butterfly.
I listen to the waves of the expansive ocean and of the
flowing sea,
the beach wiped clean
and the meticulous sand castle that is no more.

I listen for the whispers of destiny…